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Kristin Wenc (b. 1974) is a principally self-taught, abstract painter who lives and works in Chicago. Midway through undergraduate studies, she paused her studio coursework and spent a large portion of her adult life away from any formal art practice. When Kristin returned to art making, she traded her charcoals and pastels for paint. She embraced the wide-ranging possibilities that acrylic affords when mixed with various gels and mediums and came to rely on many non-traditional tools to achieve her desired surface treatments.


Kristin became a Fulton Street Collective studio member in July 2019, with previous studios in Pilsen Art and Design Center and WRK GRP at Taylors Mill. Her work is featured in Volumes 44 and 46 of Studio Visit magazine. Kristin has participated in numerous group shows and exhibitions, including The Other Art Fair Chicago. She regularly donates a portion of her art sales to organizations supporting veterans and mental health.


I find incredible beauty in objects and surfaces that are often overlooked. I am particularly drawn to weathered signage and graffiti, as well as the patina on old metal that only time and exposure can produce. Surfaces like these have a history. They urge you to step closer and examine their details, and this is the exact invitation that I hope my work extends.


I build my pieces in layers using a variety of acrylic mediums and glazes. A diverse color palette and alternating application techniques allow for free interpretation of my environment and mood. Portions of layers are frequently reduced to establish an interplay with underlying textures and hues. Gestural applications of vivid color – regularly accented with spray paint – are softened by veils of matte medium. At other times, large sweeps of contrasting colors establish a push and pull for the viewer to interpret. Through these explorations, I strive to convey a sense of intense movement and depth below a surface that does not expose my hand.


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