Kristin Wenc (b. 1974) is a self-taught, abstract painter who lives and works in Chicago. Her work is a tactile exploration of material and mood. Color is applied in contrasting, gestural layers using a variety of acrylic mediums and gels. Portions of each layer are often reduced; establishing interplay with underlying textures and hues.  This creates a depth that invites viewers to examine the work up-close while maintaining a complete and engaging abstract composition.

NEWS: Kristin's work is featured in both Volume 44 and Volume 46 of Studio Visit magazine!
Uncommon Splendor


"I find incredible beauty in objects and surfaces that are often overlooked. I am particularly drawn to things that display a certain amount of age, distress, or detail. Cracked and peeling paint, the texture of old metal, the patina that develops on an old mirror, and the weathered nature of old concrete floors are just a few of the things I find particularly alluring."


The images below are just a small window into these interests that, in turn, influence Kristin's work. 

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Select imagery provided by Eli Warren, Matt Wenc, and Color Space Photographic